Rat Race” follows the lives of two rats across suburban Nigeria as they tackle everyday Nigerian problems in a humorous, satirical and reflective way. Set in modern day Nigeria, "Rat Race" features Nkapi, an alpha rat, cunning, smart and ambitious and Nka, a dull, easy going and sluggish rat often gullible to Nkapi’s schemes.

On their quest to improve their living circumstances, they encounter many characters who possess various traits similar to the stereotypical Nigerian.  However, the rats being small enough to go unseen most times, find themselves navigating the human turf more frequently than their animal counterparts.

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A slim house rat with dull grey color that mostly reflects his personality. Nka is slow and while seemingly unserious and “dopey”, he does possess a strong moral compass that shows consistently during their adventures. Not as intelligent as Nkapi but he’s still very humanistic and mostly observant, and by far the more grounded of the two. Nka being easygoing and adaptable is always useful. He hardly comes up with great ideas but doesn’t make them less unsuccessful nonetheless and he’s very loyal to Nkapi. He often gets ridiculed for his loyalty from his eccentric protagonist duo, but always remains happy and giddy. Nka’s love interest is Winch, a cat he’s willing to die for. Yes, we did say a cat a rat is willing to die for. 

Bush Rat aka Abobo

Abobo “Bobo" a cocky, arrogant, and aggressive character who seems totally beyond reason. Although a bully, Abobo has  a secret agenda that may or may not align with Nkapi’s. His actions may always seem selfish and ignorant, however he does have his “nice” moments OR it may all be part of his very dark sinister master plan. He is big, has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a scare on his face. He wears a fish bone tattoo on his right arm and a nightmare to house rats.


A chubby house rat with cherry brown hair, the charismatic leader of the dynamic duo, whose height seems to be inversely proportional to his ego is always ready to share his opinion on anything. His “I.T.K” mentality is both charming and admirable. His thought process and actions are well  intentioned but he does lack basic common sense. However his backward grammar and passionate energetic “Kanye like” rants do have some truth in them which allows for funny but educative banter. He’s highly ambitious and hopes to be president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, since man has failed “so numerously” maybe he can make a difference.


She is a sexy, conniving, scamming, cunning and very sarcastic plus sized, house cat. Even though her original owners are from Warri in Delta State, Nigeria, her mannerism are similar to a foreign cat from the United States. Her true speech tone comes out when she is angry, usually when Nka is trying his luck. Winch is snobby, smug and sees no interest in those who seek her attention. She probably has a sweet friendly side to her, if anybody's brave enough to get close to her, they just might see she’s not so dangerous. Winch’s lifelong goal is to move out of her neighbourhood, take over the world, kill all the rats and….men, in that exact order.


Owas is the silent observer, he hardly speaks but his silence doesn't count for intelligence, he is fairly naïve, uncoordinated and very impulsive  ( Arch-nemesis to Winch)


Igwe spends most of his time sleeping, eating, and watching television. Named "the wise one" in the yard haven survived so many death attempts at the hands of christmas and birthday parties ,he has a large appetite and is a voracious eater. He serves as a third-wheel to Nka and Nkpai's misadventures and often addresses their questions and curiosity with proverbs.


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